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Unable to Create Back Surface Error Message


This error usually appears when there are issues with the memory insufficiency in your video graphics card. You may also have your color quality settings set too low. Many times it is fixable. However, the video card may need to be upgraded.


See: Computer Requirements under Computer Requirements to see if your computer meets the requirements to use the DirectX functionality of EasyWorship.


Follow these steps to adjust your video setting for a possible solution:


  1. Close EasyWorship.

  2. Right Click on the Windows desktop.

  3. Click on: XP: Properties Vista:  Personalize, 7: Screen Resolution

  1. Click the Settings Tab or the Display Settings Link.



  1. Click on Monitor 2.

  2. In the Color Quality area, verify that the color quality isn't 8bit.  If it is, change the color quality to Highest (32bit).

  1. Click Apply. You will be asked if you wish to keep these settings. Click Yes.

  1. Close out all these windows and Open EasyWorship again and see if this will fix your error.


If the steps above don't fix your error:

Make sure your computer has at least 64 MB of video ram.

  1. Follow steps 1-5 above.

  2. Select Monitor 2.

  3. Click the Advanced button at the bottom right.

  4. Click the Adapter tab.



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