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Text Over Video Troubleshooting


Issue: My video shows up as a still image when I set it as a background.

Cause: DirectX is not enabled.

Resolution: Click on help, DirectX troubleshooting. A message will appear "You do not have DirectX enabled. Would you like to try to enable it now?" Yes No Cancel Click yes to enable DirectX.


Issue: Only part of the text appears over the video background.

Cause: You do not have enough video memory to display text over video.

Resolution: Upgrade your video card to a video card with 128 mb video ram. You may also try reducing the color quality for one, or both of your monitors under your video settings in Windows.


Issue: The video speeds up and slows down when transitioning from one song or slide to the next.

Cause: Your video codec isn't handling the video properly.

Resolution: Try downloading a new video codec such as DScaler. See: Recommended DVD & Mpg2 Decoders


Contact Customer Support if your problem cannot be resolved by following the steps above.




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