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Exclamation Points On My Thumbnails


This error appears when EasyWorship cannot link the thumbnail in your Videos resource area to the actual location of the video.  This may be caused when you delete, rename or move the video or image file.  


See: How do Videos, Images & Backgrounds Work?


To remove the exclamation points:

  1. Open EasyWorship.

  2. Click on the Media Tab in the resources area

  3. Click on the Videos or Images tab.

  4. Select the thumbnail with the exclamation point

  5. Click the Delete button below.

  6. If you wish to re-add that same video or image file thumbnail, click the Add button.  


Please get in the habit of storing Videos and Images in this location: Your Profile\Resources\Videos or Images

See:Locating Your Profile Data for help finding your EasyWorship profile data.

Adding your videos and images to the Videos or Images folder will make the videos or images automatically show up in EasyWorship without having to add them using the add button. See: Send To Shortcut for Copying Media


  1. Click in the Look In field and follow the above path to locate and store your videos.  When you highlight the video file and click Open, the thumbnail will now be added to the Video Resources Area in EasyWorship. Open EasyWorship again and see if this fixes your error.



Anytime you add videos from the Videos Resource Area, for example,  from a Worship Films videos volume CD, the file is stored in Your Profile\Resources\Videos.  This is the default path to which EasyWorship auto formats.  That is why it is a good idea to store files constantly in this path.  See:Locating Your Profile Data for help finding your EasyWorship profile data.

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