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DVD Plays on Both Screens


The video Card is set up to play the video on both monitors.

Disabling the full screen options on your Video Card will correct this problem.


nVidia cards:

  1. Click Start.

  2. Click Control Panel.

  3. Click on Display.

  4. Click on the Settings tab.

  5. Click on Advanced.

  6. Click on the GeForce Tab

A box will appear the left of the window.

  1. Click on Control Panel User Interface.

  2. Select Classic NVIDIA Control Panel.

  3. Click Apply.

  4. Go to step 7.


  1. Click on Full Screen Video.

  2. Select disable under Full screen device.

  3. Click OK.




ATI Cards:

  1. Click on Start.

  2. Open Control Panel.

  3. Open the Catalyst Control Panel.

  4. Go to Video, Theater Mode.

  5. Select Main Display.

  6. Change the Overlay Display Setting to Standard.

  7. Click Apply then Done.

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