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Creating Congregational Prompts


  1. Edit or create a new song.

  2. Select all of the text in the song and set the text size, e.g. 30%.

  3. In the song editor Press Shift+Enter to create spacing between the song text and the prompt.

  4. Type in the prompt, e.g., a prompt for offertory.

  5. Select the prompt text and set lower the size of it.  Use the up and down arrow keys next to the font size to make it smaller or larger.

  6. Copy and paste the prompt onto the slides you wish to use it on.

  7. Select the prompt text and set the color you wish to use.

  8. Click OK.



If you don't want these changes to be permanent, make the changes to the song in the schedule and not the database.
Font sizing can be different for each computer depending on the screen resolution being used for the output screen.  Use a custom position that matches the output screen at your church, and the text will always show up the same.


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