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Unsupported Hardware


See: System Requirements on for the latest information.


Unsupported Processors:

Intel Celeron

AMD Duron

AMD Sempron



Processors such as the Intel Celeron, AMD Duron and Sempron processors were designed for office use. They work well for that type of environment, but not as well for multimedia.  We recommend a processor that is designed to handle multimedia as well as office needs.  


Unsupported Video Cards:

ATI Radeon 7000

ATI Radeon 7500

ATI Radeon 9250

Some ATI Radeon  x600

Older nVidia Quadro

GeForce Cards with Turbo Cache


All Matrox except TrippleHead2Go and DualHead2Go

Any video card with less than 64 MB video ram

Single output video cards



Unsupported video cards are cards that we have found to be either problematic, do not utilize DirectX well or are not able to utilize Windows extended desktop.



See: More Video Card info

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