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System Requirements for Desktop & Laptop Computers


See: System Requirements on for the latest information.


EasyWorship is compatible with Windows 98, SE, ME, 2000, XP and Vista, and will run on most computers that meet the requirements for those operating systems. And since EasyWorship is a dual output system, you’ll need a dual output card for displaying the control screen separately from the live presentation output.


You don’t need a fast computer to take advantage of the basic features EasyWorship has to offer. However, if you want to display text over moving backgrounds with video transitions or if you’re looking to display HD content, pay close attention to these requirements.


The following are the preferred computer requirements for EasyWorship:


Basic Requirements

Keeping it simple? Here’s what you need to display songs and Scriptures over still backgrounds and to run PowerPoint slideshows


General Requirements

Here’s what you need to play DVDs and display text over video with smooth transitions.


HD Requirements


Video Cards

Video cards should be purchased with either an AGP or PCI Express interface. Standard PCI video cards will work, but you will be unable to do quality video transitions and high definition video.



Laptop computers should meet the same requirements of a desktop computer. Verify with your laptop manufacturer that the video card can support Windows extended desktop and not just clone what is on your laptop display. Most late model laptops with NVIDIA, ATI or Intel graphics cards will have this ability. If you only have one monitor connection on your laptop, your laptop display will be your primary output (operator screen) and your projector will be your secondary output (live screen).


See: Dual Monitors Explained and Laptop Setup for more info on setting up a laptop for Dual video output.

See: Computer Requirements Unsupported for more information about unsupported hardware.


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