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Using Songs


EasyWorship songs are saved in the songs resource area database for easy retrieval and efficient song management. You can search for songs by title or by the first line of any slide, verse, or chorus. The Favorites button enables you to select songs that you use the most and need to access quickly. When clicking the Favorites button only the selected songs will appear.


EasyWorship allows you to import songs, type your own songs or text, and edit songs. You can also download songs from CCLI's™ Song Select Lyric Service.


Locate and display a song:


  1. In the Resource area, click the Songs tab.

  1. Type the name of the song in the Title box.

  2. Begin typing the name of the desired song. You only have to type enough characters for EasyWorship to locate the song.

For example: to locate Amazing Grace, type Am.


  • If you do not know the title, begin typing the first line of the slide, verse, or chorus in the Search box.

For example: to find Amazing Grace, you could type "Twas Grace that" in the Search box.

  • EasyWorship locates, highlights, and displays the chosen song in the Preview area. The first line of the selected verse is displayed in the Search box.



EasyWorship reads numbers first, for example, if you name a song "1 Amazing Grace" it will appear first in the Resource area. This allows you to type a number and enter if you want to list songs numerically.


  1. After you locate the desired song, add the song to the schedule. See: Building and Running an EasyWorship Schedule


  • Click on the Background button and select a background from the thumbnails, then click Go Live or, double-click the song to send it directly to the live output area and immediately display it to the congregation.



To display text over video, the video thumbnails in the Background palette will have film strip edges. You can click on a song, then the video background thumbnail and then click Go Live .To save a video as a background to a song to be used each time you view the song from the database, See: Assign Background to song.



Follow along with your worship leader:


  • Click on each verse in the Live area and follow your leader. You can click the verses in any order.


  • Use the UP and DOWN ARROW keys to follow through the verses.


  • Type 1 and press the ENTER key, 2 and the ENTER key, etc., as they correspond to the verses 1-8; 9, 0, C corresponds to the chorus; T for Tag; E for End; B for Bridge; and S for slide. There is a small down arrow at the top right of the Live area. Click it and drop down the choice to see songs displayed in summary or full view. The numbers correspond to the slide in the summary view.


Right Click Features on Songs:


  • Edit Song in Database - allows you to edit the song and save it that way in the Songs resource area database. See: To edit a song in the song Resource area database

  • New Song - Opens the new song editor window for typing a new song.

See: Adding Songs




Adding Songs to the Favorites List:

  1. Click on the Songs tab.

  2. Click in the second column next to the song you want to add to the favorites list.


  1. When you click the Favorites tab you will see a list of just the songs you selected.



To Add New Songs:

See: Adding Songs, Editing Songs, Downloading Songs from the CCLI SongSelect Lyric Service

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