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Adding Songs


The EasyWorship New Song dialog box allows you to add a new song to the songs resource area database by typing it, or by importing it. In addition, you can use common Windows features such as cut/copy and paste to enter text into EasyWorship. EasyWorship can import Rich Text, HTML, Word, Windows Write, WordPerfect, and Works for Windows files. You can also save miscellaneous text to use in your presentations. Miscellaneous text is saved into the songs database, so make sure that you name it something that you can easily find (e.g., Misc. Text...).


  1. Click the New Song  icon on the toolbar.

  2. The New Song dialog box appears.


Typing a song:

  1. Type a name for the song in the Title box.

  2. Click the desired font and size for the text, and use the toolbar buttons to choose a style, color, and fill effects for the text. For more information on using the Fill Effects dialog box See: Adding Backgrounds.

  1. If you want to add a tag (color label) to the slide, right click in the text box, point to Insert Song Tag, and then click one of the tag types. The desired tag appears in the text box.

  2. Type the lyrics for the song in the Text box.

  1. To add a new slide, either insert another tag in the text box, or press ENTER.

  2. Click OK when you are satisfied with the song.


Importing a song or text:

  1. Click the Import icon . The Windows Open dialog box appears allowing you to locate the desired file.

  2. Click OK when you have located the file. The song or text appears in the Text box where you can edit and format it.



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