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Adding More Bible Versions


EasyWorship offers many free and copyrighted bibles. Copyrighted bibles are available for $29.00 each.

See: Bibles on the Media Store tab  for a list of available bibles.


To Purchase a Bible:

Bibles can be purchased via the Media Store tab or by calling us at +1 918-250-1493.  If EasyWorship was purchased via a dealer, contact them to purchase. After the bible is purchased, we will send a new serial number to you via e-mail.  Follow the instructions below to register your new bible.


  1. Open EasyWorship.

  2. Click the Help menu.

  3. Select Register Products.

  1. In the Serial Number field type in the new serial number.

  2. Click Validate.

  3. The Validate button will grey out.

  4. Click Close.

  5. Click on the Scriptures tab.

  6. The tab for your new bible will show up at the bottom of the scriptures area.

  7. If the message This Version of the bible is not installed appears, Click download and install it now.

  • If you do not have an internet connection, you may download the text from our web site onto a computer that has internet access and install the bible text manually. See:Installing Bible Text Manually




Installing Bible Text Using the Media Store:

  1. Click on the Online tab in the resource area.

  2. Click the Media Store tab.

  3. Click on Bibles.

  4. Click download next to the scripture you wish to install.

  5. The scripture will download and install automatically.


Installing Bible Text Manually:

  1. At a computer with internet connection, browse to

  2. Click on the download link for the bible you want to download.

  3. Save the file to a disk.

  4. Take the disk to the computer you want to install the bible on.

  5. Click the Scriptures tab.

  6. Click the button to the right of the Bible version tabs.

  7. Click Install Bibles From Disk.


  1. Browse to and select the bible file you saved to the disk.

  2. Click Open.

  3. The Scripture text will now appear.


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