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Using the Schedule


The schedule area of EasyWorship is located on the left side of the screen above the Songs, Scriptures and Media tabs. A schedule is like a playlist of songs, images, videos, DVD clips and PowerPoint presentations you wish to use in your service.  You can create your schedule and use it immediately See: Building and Running an EasyWorship Schedule or save the schedule for future use on another computer See: Saving Schedules.  Once the schedule is built or opened, it is very easy to display the content of that schedule on the projector screen.


  1. Create a new schedule or open an existing schedule by clicking the on the toolbar. See: Building and Running an EasyWorship Schedule

  1. Select the item in the schedule you want to send to the screen.


  1. Click GoLive .

  1. Click on each slide in the live window to display the text from that slide on the projector.

  2. Notice that the Preview window now contains a preview for the next item in the schedule.

  3. Click GoLive again to send that song to the projector.



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