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Transferring Schedules


The easiest way to move presentations from one computer to another is to use the Schedule area. Simply drag the desired files into the Schedule area, save the Schedule as an * .ews file, and then re-open the *.ews file Schedule on the destination computer.


Transferring a Schedule to another computer:


Computer A (Source)

  1. On the Source computer, save the schedule you wish to transfer ( *.ews file name) on CD, USB media or through your network. Be sure and check Pack Videos if you wish to transfer video backgrounds. For more information See: Transferring Songs Images and Videos via the Schedule.


Computer B (Destination)

  1. On the Destination computer, insert your CD or USB drive.

  2. On the top menu bar, click File.

  3. Click on Open Schedule.

  4. The Open Schedule window will appear.

  1. Select the media or drive on which you saved the *.ews file.

  2. Select the file and click Open.

  3. The Update local computer window may appear.  This window will allow you to update songs in the database with the songs in the schedule, or import new songs in the schedule into the database.

  4. If there are any errors in the schedule another window will appear, allowing you to resolve the problem.



To check schedule for Changes: See: Check schedule for Changes

For transferring the entire Song database, to another computer, See: Backing up your Database

To check schedule for errors: See: Check Schedule for Errors




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