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Using a Shared Database

Profile Information:

  1. Open EasyWorship

  2. Click on the Profiles menu.

  3. Click on Profiles Manager


  1. The Profiles Manager screen appears



  1. Click on Create a new Application Profile.

  1. Type the name of the profile in the Profile Name area. For Example: Shared, Network...

  2. Select Use an existing Application data instance.

  3. Click Browse to locate the shared profile folder.



  1. For network databases browse to Network or My Network Places\Computer Name (e.g. WorshipPC)\ SharedDocs or Public\Softouch\EasyWorship\

  2. Select the profile folder (e.g. Default).

  3. Click OK





Profile Options:

  1. Type in the name you want to use for this profile's options or select a name from the drop down  list.

  2. Click Save Profile.

  3. The profile you created will now show up in the profiles list.



If you want to return to the Profiles Manager after creating the new profile.  uncheck, the option for "Start Using this profile when complete".

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