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Recommended Presenter Remotes

Most EasyWorship customers are familiar with using a presenter remote for advancing slides in PowerPoint slide shows.  Many remote controls purchased for this purpose use hard coded keyboard Hotkey combinations that work with PowerPoint.  EasyWorship requires different Hotkey combinations than PowerPoint.  A Programmable presenter remote is the best solution for use with EasyWorship. Below is a list of remote controls that allow the buttons to be programmed to match the Hotkeys for EasyWorship.  See: EasyWorship Hotkeys for a list of EasyWorship hotkeys.


Recommended Presenter Remotes:


Interlink Remotes:



VP4450 - RemotePoint Emerald Navigator (Get Key Programming Utility Here)



VP4300 - RemotePoint Presenter Special Edition

VP4810 - RemotePoint RF (Get Drivers Here)

VP4910 - RemotePoint Jade (Get Key Programming Utility Here)




Honeywell Remotes:


PowerPresenter RF  See: Changing the Remote Key Strokes in the Manual

         PowerPresenter Plus (Includes 128mb Flash memory) See: How to Change the Remote Key Strokes in the Manual




Can I use a Remote that can't be programmed?

Yes, some non-programmable remotes will work. Changing the hotkeys in EasyWorship is required.  See: Using a Non Programmable Presenter Remote

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