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Using PowerPoint Files


Microsoft PowerPoint files can easily be integrated into the schedule. Follow the instructions below to add a PowerPoint slide show to the schedule.


EasyWorship can project a PowerPoint slide show and allow changes to be made the schedule without interrupting the slide show. PowerPoint slide shows can be easily navigated by clicking on the slide you wish to project in the Live area.  Slide shows with automatic timings and transitions may also be used.


If  Microsoft PowerPoint is not installed on the computer, EasyWorship will use PowerPoint viewer 2003 to display the slide show. If PowerPoint 2007 files are used, PowerPoint 2007 or PowerPoint Viewer 2007 must be installed on the computer. See: PowerPoint 2007


To add a PowerPoint file to your presentation: 

  1. In the Schedule area, click on the PowerPoint icon .


The Add PowerPoint Presentation dialog box appears.


  1. Locate and select the desired PowerPoint file.

  1. Click Open.


  1. The Importing PowerPoint Slides dialog box appears showing the progress.


  1. Once the slide show is imported, it will appear in the Schedule area. Clicking GoLive sends it to the LIVE Output area.



You can save the Schedule and use it to copy or move the PowerPoint file. See: Transferring Songs Images and Videos via the Schedule

EasyWorship packs the PowerPoint file into the schedule. When the schedule is opened it will use the original  file from the hard drive if it is available.  If the original file isn't available it uses the packed PowerPoint in the Schedule.  See:Check schedule for Changes for the options available when opening a schedule with a PowerPoint file in it.  


Thumbnail Sizing:

  1. Click the drop-down arrow at the top right of the Preview area or the Live area to change the size of the slides in that area.

  2. Click the Go Live button to automatically display the slides to the congregation; or double-click a particular slide to display it to the congregation.


Jump In and Out of PowerPoint:

  1. While displaying a PowerPoint presentation, click on the Scriptures Tab in the Resource area

  2. Find a scripture, press ENTER or click Go Live. The scripture is immediately projected . Then, a PowerPoint button appears at the top of the LIVE area.

  3. Click the PowerPoint button, the PowerPoint presentation projects again at the same place you exited to project the scripture.


This is a great resource for jumping in and out of a .PPT presentation and keeping up with a sermon. For more information See: Building and Running an EasyWorship Schedule.





The slides and files designed in PowerPoint are displayed in EasyWorship exactly as they were designed in PowerPoint. In addition, the animations, sounds and timings created in PowerPoint work in EasyWorship. EasyWorship has the ability to update the slide show in the schedule from the original.  If  a change is made to a PowerPoint file and saved while EasyWorship is open, EasyWorship will update the PowerPoint automatically when it is selected in the schedule. It can also update the PowerPoint file from check for changes See: Check schedule for Changes.



If your PowerPoint slide presentation has timings or animations, it will run the transitions automatically. Clicking Black or Logo while an automatic slide is running pauses the presentation until you un-black or logo the screen.

See:PowerPoint Troubleshooting under troubleshooting if you are having problems with PowerPoint files in EasyWorship.

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