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Media Store Tab


Using the media store built into EasyWorship will help simplify the process of purchasing and adding media to EasyWorship. Using the media store allows you to purchase, download and display media quickly.


Using the Media Store Tab:

  1. Click the Online tab in the resource area.

  2. Click the Media Store tab at the top left of the web browser area to the right.

  3. Browse the media store, and add videos, images or bibles to your cart.

  4. After you check out, links will be provided to download the items you have purchased.

  5. Click the links to start the download process.

  6. During the download process, the items will appear in the Online tab as Store Downloads with the progress shown underneath.

  7. The videos and images will automatically appear in their respective tabs under the Media tab.

  8. Bibles will install automatically.  Free bibles will appear immediately in the Scriptures tab. Purchased bibles require you to enter the new serial number you received via email. See:Installing Bible Text Using the Media Store

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