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Laptop Setup


Connecting A Laptop:

  1. With the laptop turned off, turn on the projector, or second monitor.

  2. Connect the second monitor cable from the projector, or second monitor to the back of the laptop. Make sure the projector, or second monitor, is on and in the right mode to receive a computer signal.

  3. Now turn on the laptop. The Laptop screen will be monitor 1 and the SVGA or DVI connector on the back or side of the laptop will be monitor 2 which will be the Projector.

  4. Follow the steps in Dual Monitor Setup . For laptops with Intel Graphics cards See:Intel Graphics Laptop Monitor Setup . For Laptops with ATI Graphics cards See: ATI Graphics Laptop Monitor Setup


What Graphics Card Do I have?:

The type of graphics card you have can be determined by following the steps below.

  1. Right Click on the Windows desktop.

  2. Click on Properties or Personalize.

  1. Click the Settings Tab or the Display Settings Link .

  2. Check the Display: drop down box for the type of video card.
    Windows 7:
    Click the Advanced Settings link on the right to view the video card type.

This computer has a NVIDIA GeForce 6200 Graphics Card.


See: Dual Monitors Explained for more information about how laptops work in dual monitor mode.


See: Can I Run EasyWorship in Single Monitor Mode? for more information about running EasyWorship if your computer isn't able to support dual monitors.


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