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Dual Monitors Explained


EasyWorship is designed for dual monitor display. This means that EasyWorship displays two different monitor screens at the same time. Monitor #1 (or the primary monitor) displays the working or control screen, and Monitor #2 (or the secondary monitor/projector) displays the output screen that is projected to the congregation. Dual monitors make it possible to work and set up new songs and scriptures in EasyWorship, while the congregation is viewing only the current song, scripture, video, or feed.  


EasyWorship uses Windows extended desktop to accomplish this.  Windows 98 SE or later is required to enable Windows Extended desktop.  The following are three different video card configurations that will allow you to use Windows Extended desktop.

  1. Two video cards with a single output on each card (not recommended)

  2. A single video card with two outputs (recommended)

  3. A laptop with a video output on the back of the laptop.  


Here are the most common ways to setup a computer for dual monitor output.

  • Split the second monitor display signal and send one cable to a second computer monitor and the other to the projector.


  • EasyWorship may also be setup with a single monitor on the desk to control the software and use your projector as the secondary monitor.

  • Customers using laptops will use their laptop monitor as Monitor #1 and the output on the back of the laptop for Monitor #2.

  • You may also add a video splitter to the output on the laptop in order to utilize a second monitor on the desk and a projector.


Projection bulbs are very expensive and have a use life. A monitor may be less expensive and doesn't require that you run your projector while setting building schedules during the week!


See: Can I Run EasyWorship in Single Monitor Mode? for more information about running EasyWorship with only one video output.


See: Enabling Windows Extended Desktop for instructions on how to check a computer for Dual Monitor compatibility and for instructions on setting up Dual Monitors to use with EasyWorship.

See: Computer Requirements Video Card and Computer Requirements Unsupported for help with choosing the correct video card for your system.


See: Dual Monitor Troubleshooting if you are having problems with your dual monitor setup.


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