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Using Images


Follow the instructions below to use the images tab.


Displaying Images:

  1. Click the Media tab.

  1. Click on the Images tab, then drag and drop the image to the Schedule Area.

  2. Select the image in the Schedule area and click Go Live . You may also double click the image to make it go to the Live area.


Adding Images:

EasyWorship comes with images ready for you to use in your presentations. EasyWorship can import images that you have produced, or additional images you have purchased. Create your image using the appropriate software.



EasyWorship will display .bmp, .jpg, .wmf and .ico files. For the best results store all images in Your Profile/images folder.  See: Locating Your Profile Data to find out how to located your images folder.


  1. Click the Media tab.

  2. Click the Images tab.

  3. Click the Add button to access the Add Images dialog box.

  4. Locate and highlight the image that you want to import.

  5. Click Open.

  6. The imported image appears in the Images area.


Right Click Features:

When you right click on a thumbnail in the Images resource area, you have the following options:


Drag and Drop Features:

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