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Using Predefined Clips


Predefined clips are predefined with the proper start and stop points already set. This saves you the time of having to edit each segment to prepare a DVD clip for the DVD clip database. For example, if you have an iWorship type DVD which contains 7 songs, you can select Add/Update Predefined Clips  and each of the 7 songs will now appear in the DVD clip database, predefined and ready to play. Not all DVDs will support predefined clips.



EasyWorship does not copy the electronic image of the DVD. It only creates a bookmark to a location on the DVD according to how you edited or saved that clip. You still must have the DVD inserted into the drive to play the clips.


If the DVD has segments that have lyrics on lower, upper, or middle thirds, you can select these predefined clips in that format. This is also true for split tracks, click tracks and no lyric tracks. If the DVD has those segments, you can now save the same song in different formats. For example, You may wish to save the song "Open the Eyes of My Heart" in upper thirds, lower thirds, and center. Or upper thirds click track, lower thirds split track. Then when you have a presentation, you can select the format predefined and ready for projection.


  1. Insert a DVD into the DVD ROM drive.

  2. Click on the Media tab.

  3. Click on the DVD tab.

  1. Click the drop down triangle on the Add button, then click Add/Update Predefined clips.


  1. The Select Predefined DVD Clips window will appear.


  1. Check Check the internet for the latest clip info if you want EasyWorship to connect to the EasyWorship predefined clip site to check for new or updated DVD clips for this DVD.

  2. Check Show this window when a new DVD is inserted to be prompted if there are any predefined clips for a DVD when it is inserted into the drive.

  3. If predefined clips are available, they will appear in the window.

  4. Check the boxes next to types of clips you wish to use.

  5. Click OK.

  6. Check Clear any predefined clips that are not selected and have not been edited to clear any predefined clips already loaded for that DVD. Clips that have not been edited and are not selected in this window will be cleared.

  7. The selected predefined clips will now appear in the DVD clip database.



Predefined DVD clips can be edited by selecting the clip and click the edit button at the bottom of the DVD clip database. See:Creating & Managing DVD Clips

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