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Recommended DVD Decoders


Most problems with DVDs in EasyWorship are caused by a codec that is not compatible with EasyWorship. Below is a list of codecs that work and a list of known problematic codecs.


Decoders That Work:



Installed with K-Lite Codec Pack

Click here to install the K-Lite Codec Pack.



DScaler is an open source codec that works pretty well. It works on all computers except for systems with SoundBlaster Sound Cards. We have found that the audio will not work when using DScaler with some SoundBlaster cards. Here is the link to the DScaler MPEG decoder install. Download DScaler


PowerDVD SE  

Try DScaler or Gabest first before buying a codec.

The PowerDVD codecs have been the most compatible for us. When DScaler does not work, we recommend this codec. The  trial will not play audio on protected content. Get the trial from here Cyberlink

The PowerDVD SE plugin for Windows Media player has proven to work well for us and is the least expensive.  and PowerDVD SE from here Vista | XP


Decoders That Do Not Work:



This decoder does not work. It will show up as InterVideo in your codec list.



This decoder does not work and may cause EasyWorship to lock up when trying to create a clip or play a clip.



This codec is distributed with another worship software and does not work well with EasyWorship. You may need to remove it before using videos in EasyWorship. It can be found going to C:\windows\system32\. Renaming the file will resolve any problems caused by this codec.



See: DVD Decoder Utilities to find out what decoder is installed on your computer.

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