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DVD Region


In order to create DVD clips in EasyWorship, the DVD region has to be set on the DVD player in the computer. Many DVD drives come from the factory with no region set.  If the wrong region or no region is set, you will be able to create clips, but will not be able to play them back after removing and reinserting the DVD into the drive.  Follow the instructions below to set the region on the DVD drive in the computer.


  1. Open Computer or My Computer.

  2. Right click the DVD drive.

  3. Click Properties.

  4. A properties window will appear.

  5. Click the Hardware tab.

  6. Select the DVD drive from the list.

  7. Click the Properties button at the bottom.

  8. The properties window for the DVD drive will appear.

  9. Windows 7 users click the Changes settings button at the bottom of the General tab.

  10. Click the DVD Region tab.

  11. Select the appropriate country.

  12. Click OK.



The DVD region can only be changed a maximum of 5 times.

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