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DVD Clip Editor Overview


DVD Player Window

  1. In the resource area, click on the Media tab, click on the DVD tab.

  2. Click on the Add button at the bottom of the Media resource window. The Select Clip window will appear.




Clip Name -  Field in which you create a name for your clip.


Thumbnail -  Small picture associated with the Clip Name, which will appear in the DVD resource



Set Thumbnail Button - Click this button at the frame you choose for your thumbnail.


Edit Mode - Two choices appear for editing clips: Loop Segment and Continuous Play. Click on the down triangle for selection. Loop Segment loops only the current segment you are editing. Continuous Play plays the entire DVD allowing you to edit it.


Title - The Main Menu or Main Segments of the DVD.


Position - The numerical elapsed time and current location in the DVD. You can increase or decrease mark in and mark out points by navigating the triangles and editing the number fields.


Chapter - Sub-menu segments under each title.


Clip Start - The position at which you Mark In the starting point of your edited clip.


Clip End - The position at which you Mark Out the ending point of your edited clip.


Select Segment - Click this button when you wish to select the entire segment you are playing. It will automatically set the Mark In and Mark Out at its beginning and ending points.


DVD Drive and Name - Displays the name of the DVD and the drive playing. If you have multiple drives you can click the down triangle and select additional DVDs.


Disk Name - You can create a disk name to recognize as it appears in the DVD resource database area.





Position Scrolling Ball - A visual tracking of the position of the DVD. It can be scrolled forward and backward to new locations on the segment.


Edit Mode - Click this button to edit your clips.


Preview Mode - Click this button to preview your edited clip.


DVD Menus - Each DVD will have different menus for displaying the Title, Root,

Subtitles ( lyrics ), Audio ( split tracks, click tracks, Stereo, Surround, etc. ),

Angle (the camera angles available), and Chapter Menus.



* For additional instructions See: Creating & Managing DVD Clips, Using DVD Clips, Using Predefined Clips

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