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Codecs Explained


What is a codec?  

Codec - (enCOder/DECoder or COmpressor/DECompressor) - software (or hardware) that compresses and decompresses audio and video data streams.


The purpose of codecs is to reduce the size of digital audio samples and video frames in order to speed up transmission and save storage space.  


When you play a video, or sound file through EasyWorship, it has to know how to decode that file. A codec is a piece of software that tells EasyWorship how to decode the video or audio file. If you don't have the proper codec installed on your computer, EasyWorship won't be able to play your multi media file.


Video: Mpeg1, AVI, WMV .

Audio: MP3, WAV,WMA

EasyWorship can use any of these types of files without installing extra codec software.




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