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Using the Rebuild Database Utility


EasyWorship has a utility to correct database problems. You may lose the song you were inputting at the time, but will retain all your other songs and graphics.


Rebuild Database Utility:

  1. Click on Start.

  2. Select Programs or All Programs.

  3. Select EasyWorship.

  4. Select Rebuild EasyWorship Database.

  5. The EasyWorship Splash Screen will appear with a progress bar at the bottom right.

  6. When the rebuild is complete, EasyWorship will open.



The Rebuild Database feature will automatically backup your database into a folder called rebuild backup.


This usually fixes any database error messages. However, if you still have a problem, check our knowledge based technical support at Click on Support on the top menu bar and select Knowledge Base and Technical Questions.

The link info is: Or call technical support for any other error messages.+1 918-250-1493.

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