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Alerts -

Nursery Alert: Allows you to enter the number or name of a child in the child care area to notify the parents they are needed. See: Using Nursery Alert and Nursery Alert Tab

Message Alert: Allows you to add quick alert messages to the Front of House screen. See:Using Messages Alert and Message Alert Tab

Foldback Alert: Allows you to add quick alert messages to the Foldback screen.


Logo - Turns Logo on or off. See:Working With The Logo Button


Black - Blacks the screen out. See:Working With Black Clear and Logo Buttons


Clear - Clears the text of the current song from the screen. See:Working With Black Clear and Logo Buttons


Live - Turns EasyWorship output on or off.


Full View - Shows the full text of each slide in the song.


Summary View - Shows the first line of each slide.


Video Jockey Mode - Enables the VJ control window at the bottom of the live area, allowing you to change backgrounds on the fly.


 When using PowerPoint files, the drop down arrow allows you to change the size of the thumbnails.

See:Using PowerPoint Files


When going live with a scripture while showing a PowerPoint slide show, EasyWorship allows you to jump back into the PowerPoint file you were displaying by clicking the PowerPoint button. This feature only works with PowerPoint files and Scriptures.



VCR Controls - Allows you to pause, play, rewind, fast forward, mute, adjust volume and turn looping on and off for videos, DVD clips and audio files. Not all functions are available when using a video as a background.

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