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EasyWorship Main Toolbar


- New Schedule: Allows you to create a new schedule file. Much like creating a new Word document or PowerPoint presentation.

The Schedule in EasyWorship contains all the songs including their lyrics and backgrounds, PowerPoint files, Images, Videos and feeds for a service.


- Open Schedule: Allows you to open a previously saved schedule file.  This allows you to browse your hard drive to a schedule file you have saved, much like opening a PowerPoint presentation file. The Drop Down arrow gives you the option to select a previously saved schedule from a list.


save - Save Schedule: When working on a schedule you always want to save what you are working on. Use this function to save your schedule file.


- New Song: Creates a new song in the Song database. See:Adding Songs


- Edit Song:  Edits the currently selected song. See:Editing Songs


- Print Schedule (Details)...: You can print the song lyrics for your current schedule.


- Options: Allows you to set the many different global options for EasyWorship.  See:Setting EasyWorship Options


- Transitions: This feature allows you to setup song to song, slide to slide, black/un-black, clear/un-clear, logo/un-logo and video transitions.

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