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Running EasyWorship For The First Time


When launching EasyWorship for the first time, a prompt will appear to install the demo data that comes with EasyWorship.

The demo data is not required for EasyWorship to operate.  The demo data may be installed or uninstalled. See:Adding and Removing Demo Songs. Use the instructions below to install them upon running EasyWorship for the first time.



  1. When opening EasyWorship the first time the Add/Remove Demo Data window will appear.

  2. Select "Install songs from", To install the 100+ classic and contemporary songs from

  3. Click Next.


Click Here to see a list of the songs we offer  from


  1. Select "Install default songs and backgrounds from EasyWorship", to install the default backgrounds and songs from EasyWorship.

  2. Click Next.


Click Here to view a list of the Standard EasyWorship demo songs.


  1. Click Back to change the previous selections or click Finish to proceed with installation of the EasyWorship demo data.

    • A window will now appear with a summary of the choices selected.



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