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Live Menu


Go Live: Allows you to send the current item in the preview screen to the live screen. Most people use the Go Live button at the top of the preview area or press the Page Down key.



Nursery Alert: Allows you to enter the number or name of a child in the child care area to notify the parents they are needed. See: Using Nursery Alert and Nursery Alert Tab


Message Alert: Allows you to add messages to the screen without creating a song. See:Using Messages Alert and Message Alert Tab


Hide/Show Live Output: This turns off or on EasyWorship's output to the projector. This is the same as clicking the Live button at the top of the Live window.


Show Logo on Live Output: This menu item sends the background you have selected to be the Logo to the projector screen.  See:Working With The Logo Button and Setting Transitions


Blackout Live Output: This feature covers the output screen with a black screen. See:Working With Black Clear and Logo Buttons and Setting Transitions.


Clear Text on Live Output: Clears the text of the current song from the screen leaving just the background you were using. See:Working With Black Clear and Logo Buttons and Setting Transitions


Transitions: This feature allows you to setup song to song, slide to slide, black/un-black, clear/un-clear, logo/un-logo and video transitions.


Options: Allows you to set the many different global options for EasyWorship.  See:Setting EasyWorship Options


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