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How it Works




Work Flow:

The presentation flows from the left Schedule column through the center preview column to the live column at the right. Clicking  the   Go Live button sends the current item the center preview column to the right live column and to the screen. The next item in the schedule is automatically selected and shown in the center preview column.  When you are finished displaying the current item in the live column press   Go Live again to display the next item in the schedule.


Schedule Area:

The Schedule area contains selected items for a presentation.  Drag and drop the items you want to use in your presentation into the schedule area. You may also add PowerPoint slide shows to your schedule by clicking the  on the right side of the schedule window.  Use the arrow keys on the right side toolbar to move items around in the schedule.  You can also drag items around in the schedule.  Schedules can be saved for future use.


Resource Area:

The Resource provides access to songs, scriptures, media, and online content.

Song Tab: displays the song database.

Scripture Tab: displays the Scripture database with version option tabs at the bottom.

Media Tab: displays the Video, Images, Feeds, DVD and Audio tabs. You can double-click on an item to project it immediately; or you can place songs, scriptures, and media into the Schedule to create an ordered service.

Online Tab: EasyWorship has the ability to interact with the web.  Click the Online tab to unlock the web features in EasyWorship.

Downloaded Items: The downloaded items area will be blank until media or bibles have been downloaded from the Media store tab.

Media Store: The Media Store tab allows you to purchase and download media and bibles for use in EasyWorship. The media or bibles are downloaded directly into EasyWorship.

SongSelect: The SongSelect tab allows you to import songs directly into the songs database from SongSelect.  (CCLI SongSelect subscription required)

Web: This feature allows web pages to be added to the schedule. YouTube videos can be streamed in full screen mode directly from the web. This feature also allows for playback of SWF files. See:Playing Flash Content



Preview Area:

In the middle section, the Preview area shows the item that is currently selected either in the resource are or in the schedule. To move the contents to the Live Output area and display it to the congregation, in the Preview area, double-click on the highlighted item or click the Go Live button.


Live Output Area:

The Live Output area in the right section displays what is currently being projected on the screen. You can navigate the contents and choose verses to keep up with the leader using the mouse or arrow keys.

Video Jockey Mode: Video Jockey or VJ mode is enabled by clicking the drop down button at the top right of the Live area.  This is a feature that allows you to quickly change backgrounds on the fly, by just clicking on the video, image, feed or background you wish to use.


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