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EasyWorship Hotkeys


Presentation HotKeys:

Show Control


HOME -  First Slide

END - Last Slide

DOWN - Next Slide

UP - Previous Slide

RIGHT Arrow - Next Schedule Item

LEFT Arrow - Previous Schedule Item


Ctrl+C - Clear text screen

Ctrl+B - Black screen

Ctrl+F - FoldBack Alert

Ctrl+L - Logo

Ctrl+N - Nursery Alert

Ctrl+M - Message Alert

Ctrl+Space Bar  - Switches between live output and control screen in single monitor mode

Slide Control


V <Enter> - to select the first Verse

V# <Enter> - to select Verse #


C <Enter> - to  select the first Chorus

C# <Enter> - to select Chorus #

0(Zero)<Enter> - to select the first Chorus


R <Enter> - to select the first Pre-Chorus

R# <Enter> - to select  Pre-Chorus #


T <Enter> - to select the first Tag

T# <Enter> - to select Tag #


B <Enter> - to select the first Bridge

B#<Enter> - to select Bridge #


I <Enter> - to select the first Intro

I# <Enter> - to select Intro #


E <Enter> - to select the first End

E#<Enter> - to select End #


Slide Number<Enter> - to select the slide corresponding to the number typed. Switch to the Summary View to see the slide numbers




Song/Scripture Editor:

Shift+Enter - In the Editor - Allows you to put extra spacing between lines of text without making the next line select a new slide.

Ctrl+A - Selects all of the text in the text editor.

Ctrl+C - Copies the selected text to the windows clipboard.

Ctrl+X - Cuts the selected text to the windows clipboard.

Ctrl+V - Pastes the text in the windows clipboard into the text editor.

Ctrl+Z - Undo - Reverses the last action taken.

Ctrl+Y - Redo - Reverses and Undo.


See: Changing EasyWorship Hotkeys

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