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Songs allows you to customize how songs are displayed. You can chose text alignment; font size, style, color and capitalization rules. You can also choose whether or not to display labels, and specify their location, size, style and color.


Setting Songs options:

  1. Click the Options button on the toolbar.

  2. In the Options window, click Songs.
    Below is an explanation of the options available in the Songs area.



Song Options:

Under song options make changes to font types, styles, output dimensions, etc., without having to worry about going back and modifying all your songs to fit the screen.


Text Alignment sets the desired horizontal position for the text.

Vertical Align sets the desired vertical position for the text.

Desired Font Height Percentage sets the desired font size.

Song Font allows you to control the song font, style, color, shadow and outline.



Verse/Chorus Label Options:

Show Verse/Chorus Labels  enables  the verse, chorus, and other tags on the live output screen.

Label Location sets the desired position for the label.

Label Indent indents the verse, chorus... label when displayed on the output screen.

Label Size sets the desired size for the label.

Color Coding  specifies a color scheme for the Preview and Live output areas.


Label Font allows you to control the Verse/Chorus font, style, color, shadow and outline.


Word Formatting Options:



EasyWorship uses font sizes differently than other Windows applications. See: Font Sizing Explained



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