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Setting Transitions


EasyWorship allows you to easily set impressive transitions for songs, slides, black screen, clear screen, and video. You can choose one transition or many different transitions for your presentation.


  1. Click the Transitions icon on the toolbar.

Below is an explanation of the options available in the Transitions area.



Selecting a transition:

Black Screen: Select different transitions for Black screen and un-Black screen.

Clear Screen: Select different transitions for Clear screen and un-Clear screen.

Logo: Select different transitions for Logo screen and un-Logo screen.


Enable Video Transitions Allows for the transition from one video background to the next.

Disable the more complex video transitions disables 3D transitions for slower computers.

Always pause videos when transitioning from video to another element pauses the video when transitioning from one element to the other.



Use the Shift key or the Ctrl key to choose multiple transitions from the list. Multiple transitions are applied in the order they are selected to your songs and slides.

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