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Displaying Copyright Information


EasyWorship allows you to display copyright information for the displayed song. First you must enter your CCLI#. Which will appear in each copyrighted song, automatically.

  1. To enter copyright information:

  2. On the Live menu, click Options.

  3. Click the Copyrights tab.

  4. Enter your CCLI# in the License Info box (e.g., CCLI 123456789).

  1. Select the Display Copyright Information check box to display the author, title, administrator, and copyright information for specific songs. EasyWorship allows you to edit and add to the author, title, and copyright information.

  2. Click OK.


Edit or Add Information to a Song:

  1. Right-click on the desired song and click Edit Song.

  2. Click the Information icon on the toolbar.

  3. The Song Information dialog box appears.

  1. Type the information in the appropriate boxes.

  2. Click in the Copyright box, and then click the Copyright icon to add the copyright symbol and automatically turn on the CCLI# function . You can also add a date after the Copyright symbol.

  3. The Song Number box is for assigning a CCLI Database Song Number from the CCLI Song Select web site. This is for song reporting with CCLI and not for display.

  4. Click OK.

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