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Advanced Options


The advanced options allow you to choose Live, PowerPoint, DVD and DirectX options.


Setting Advanced options:

  1. Click the Options button on the toolbar.

  2. In the Options window, click Advanced.
    Below is an explanation of the options available in the Advanced area.



Live Options:

Show live screen on startup when checked will enable the live output when EasyWorship opens. The last used background will display on the output screen.

 Advance Schedule after Go Live is pressed enables EasyWorship to select the next item in the scheduled automatically, when the Go Live button is clicked.


PowerPoint Options:

Use PowerPoint application instead of Viewer, enables EasyWorship to load the full version of PowerPoint to display PowerPoint slide shows.

Build thumbnails with PowerPoint Application enables EasyWorship to create thumbnails using the full PowerPoint application.


DVD Options:

User Preferred Video Codecs causes EasyWorship to look for and use either the Cyberlink or Dscaler mpg2 if they are available.  EasyWorship ignores other decoders if one of these two codecs are available.

Prevent DVD SpinDown keeps the DVD in the drive spinning at all times to reduce the amount of time needed to send a DVD clip to the screen.


DirectX Options:

Enable DirectX Support enables EasyWorship to use the DirectX to display transitions and text over video backgrounds.

Vertical Retracing Checking


The advantage of using vertical retrace checking is that it creates a smooth transition and a clean video playback. The disadvantage of using vertical retrace checking is that it slows down processing time.


Video Quality


 Usually, placing the slider in the center provides the best quality without too much overhead on the computer.

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