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Monitor Options


Setting Monitor Options:

  1. Click the Live Menu then Display Foldback Options.

  2. In the Display Foldback Options window, click Monitor Options.

Below is an explanation of the options available in the Monitor Options area.



Enable Display Foldback:

Enable support for display foldback (stage display) enables the foldback feature.



Screen Margin % allows you to set the percentages of screen to indent, due to the projector over shooting the physical output screen.

Text Margin % allows you to set the margins that you want around the text. These margins only affect the text, not the background.

Bleed Margin % allows you to set margins for the message alert, nursery alert and copyright information to bleed over. These settings are typically used when you are over and under scanning your output by sending it to a TV and a Projector at the same time.


Select Foldback Monitor:

Click the monitor that you want to use to display your presentation to the congregation. The Foldback Monitor list only contains outputs that you have enabled in Windows.

Primary Monitor allows the live output to be displayed on the Primary Monitor behind the EasyWorship control screen.

Secondary Monitor allows the live output to be displayed on a secondary monitor. See:Dual Monitor Setup

Custom Position allows you to specify an absolute position and size to project the output.

Custom Position Settings, type or select the desired positions. The custom positions are set in Pixels. See: Using Custom Position

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