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Attach A Background To A Song


You can save a background so that it appears with the song each time you select the song from the database. When you add that song to the schedule, the background will stay attached to the song.


  1. Click on a Song in the Songs resource area.

  2. Right click and choose Edit Song.

  3. The Edit Song window appears. Click on the Backgrounds button. The images and videos in the background palette now appear in this editor window.


  1. Select the background of choice.

  1. Click OK.


Using a background that is not listed in your backgrounds list:

  1. In the song editor click the background button.

  2. Click on Fill Effects.

  3. Select the tab for the type of background you want to use.



  1. Click the Select Button at the bottom right.

  2. Browse to the file you wish to use.

  3. Select the file and click Open.


  1. After selecting background and OK. The background will now be saved to the song in the song resource area. You can also click the Automatic button to choose the default background for all songs to be applied to this song as well. Actually, no background will be saved to the song when choosing Automatic.



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